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by GettingFreedom on January 31, 2005


Thank you for attending the Meal Planning and Kitchen Shortcuts Workshop!  It really is my pleasure to share with you the tricks that I’ve learned over the past few years to significantly cut our grocery budget.

Below you will find some of the meal planning resources that I mentioned during the class that will help you get going.

Meal Planning Printables

Weekly Meal Plan & Shopping List
Family’s Favorite Meals
Fast Five Meals
Freezer Inventory
Grocery Expense Tracker
Grocery Shopping List
Meal Ideas for This Week
Monthly Dinner Plan
Pantry Inventory
Weekly Meal Plan

In addition to these printables, the Home Management Binder contains many other printables to help you gain control of your finances and become more organized.

Meal Planning Rescources

My Past Menu Plans

Eat At Home Cooks–Menu Plan Monday

Meals by the Week


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