March OAMC Update

by GettingFreedom on March 2, 2010

**Updated to add in pricing**

The day is done and so am I!  I was able to complete most of my Once a Month Cooking List, which honestly, is far more than I thought I would get done.  Originally I had planned on doing the Lazy Granola after dinner this evening, but I really have no desire to even mess with it now.  My new plan is to tackle it tomorrow, along with some Whole Wheat Honey Pumpkin Muffins that I will later take to a church dinner.

I started the day at about 7:30 or 8.  I began by dicing up the bacon and getting it cooking, as well as cooking the hamburger meat.  Normally smells do not bother me, but I could hardly handle smelling the hamburger cook for that long.  Yuck!

While the meats were cooking, I started making up the breakfast items (the Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit Cups and th Blueberry Muffins).

It was very hard for me to stay out of the both of the muffins.  They were both so very good! I made up the double batch of Sloppy Joe’s and then it was time for me to clean up the kitchen a bit before I ran my youngest to school. When I returned I had a hard time getting started again, but I knew I needed to and I that I would be so happy when I was able to sit back and be done with it all.

When I started again, I tackled the Taco Bake, Lumpia, and Curried Chicken, and the Chicken Ranch Pizza (I added in diced bacon), and Pizza Crust.  To my surprise, I flew right threw these dishes and I was gaining ground fast.  Then I realized just how messy my kitchen was! EEEkkk!  I was able to get the kitchen pretty well cleaned up, and everything in the freezer by about 7pm (that is also with dinner prep and clean up).  With all my breaks, I would guess my actual cooking time at about 7 hours.

While the picture doesn’t look like much here is what I ended up with:

  • 2 meals Sloppy Joe’s
  • 2 meals Curried Chicken
  • 2 meals Taco Bake
  • 2-4 meals of Lumpia (I couldn’t find the wrappers Sherry recommended, and I ended up running out of the ones I found.  I put the extra filling in a freezer bag to use later on.)
  • 2 pizzas with crust
  • 2 breakfasts of Blueberry Muffins
  • 2 breakfasts of Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit Cups

It’s nice to know that I have meals waiting for me in the freezer when we have busy days, or when I’m just not feeling up to cooking, even if it did leave me exhausted today. :)

**Update: I was curious as to how much this big day cost me, but it’s hard for me to figure.  I had a super full freezer, and a lot of the other ingredients for these meal already on hand.  My out of pocket expenses for this day came in right around the $30 mark, the rest of my grocery expenses last week were for my regular groceries.

**For links to the recipes I used, go here.**

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