Managing Children’s Artwork

by GettingFreedom on January 6, 2010

As a mother of 3 artistic children, I end up with quite a stack of artwork. There is always something unique about every piece, they’ve learned to draw something new, or they’ve taken a little extra time coloring it. I find it hard to get rid of their precious artwork, so I end up saving all of it (for the most part). Considering I have minimal space to store things, this poses a problem. It either ends up piling up on my desk, overflowing my “To File” folder, or cluttering my refrigerator.Link

I’ve noticed that the only time I do a hard core toss session is when I’m piled up to the max. I fear that I’m throwing away something precious that I can’t get back. With 2010 just beginning, and a new set of goals, I’ve purposed to come up with a better way of managing my children’s artwork and getting rid of some of this clutter.
In honor of the backwards edition of Works For Me Wednesday–I turn to you. How do you decide what artwork to keep, and what to toss? How do you store the ones you keep?

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