Making Themed Birthday Cakes

by GettingFreedom on January 29, 2009

**Edited to add link to spongebob cake**

I love making cakes. It all started after my oldest’s 1st birthday. His babysitter was a cake maker, so she offered to make his cake for free. I was elated, until I seen the cake. I don’t know what she did, but it didn’t look like Blue Jean Teddy Bear. My mom and I decided that we would just start to make our own.

What a blast it has been! And, much cheaper than me finding a baker to make themed party cakes for my children (and then worrying about how they turn out).

I came across FishMama’s blog here a while back (it is fantastic, by the way) and she is having a birthday cake round-up.


So, here is a cake that I made for my daughter’s 4th birthday. She was into Strawberry Shortcake big time!

Next to the spongebob cake I made, this is the easiest one, ever!

You can use almost any size round pans, as long as there is a relatively big difference between the 2 sizes. I cannot remember the exact sizes of mone, but I know that they were 2 inches deep.

To make this cake all I did was

  1. I bake the cakes. I just used a white cake mix and followed the directions. It will depend what size your pans are on how many cake mixes you need.
  2. Then I tinted the icing using paste. I never use food coloring because I can never achieve the color I am going for (paste is much more vibrant) and I just don’t like it. Paste is a bit more expensive at first, but you use so little so it will last forever. For this cake I tinted the majority a light pink, a little dark pink for the band, and some green for the strawberry tops.
  3. I then just used fresh strawberries, cut in half and placed them all over the cake.
  4. I found some ribbon at Wal-Mart that was similiar to Strawberry Shortcake’s and I used it for the bow of the hat.


Oh so easy, fast, personal, and frugal. My kiddos look forward to picking our their cake, and watching as it all come together. The smile on their face is oh so worth all of the work that goes into them!

Definitely a tradition that we will continue.

For more frugal idea, head on over to Biblical Womanhood.

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