Make Your Own Vanilla Extract

by GettingFreedom on June 26, 2012

As a way to cut our grocery bill, I make as much as I can at home, while still attempting to keep my sanity. :)

This generally means that I  make all of our snacks, baked goods included.  Which means a ridiculous amount of vanilla is used in our home!

I’m not a big fan of the fake vanilla either–and who knows what sort of chemicals are made to make it.  Eewww!  Not to mention that it also takes about twice as much imitation vanilla to achieve the same flavor as half as much real vanilla extract.

But who can afford to purchase gallons lots of real vanilla extract on a budget?

So make it–it’s super easy!  For less than $30, you’ll have plenty of homemade vanilla extract to go around.

Homemade Vanilla Extract is perfect for gifts!  I know many women that loved receiving some of my homemade vanilla extract this Christmas.

Make Your Own Vanilla Extract

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Prep Time: 10 minutes

Make Your Own Vanilla Extract

Store bought vanilla extract does not even compare to homemade vanilla extract! You can make your own vanilla extract with little effort {or expense!}--so there's no reason not to give it a try!



  1. The number of vanilla beans you need all depends on how much vodka you buy. I used a 1.75 Liter of Vodka, so I needed about ¼ pound of beans {or roughly 27-28 beans}. Really, you can use any vodka {or bourbon, gin or even rum} you choose. I've only ever bought the cheapest {because I'm cheap like that!}, but I've been told that buying a top shelf liquor will yield a different flavor. Maybe next time. :)
  2. To Make Your Extract
  3. First start by slicing open the vanilla bean.
  4. If they are too tall to be fully immersed while in the bottle, cut each bean in half.
  5. Drop the cut vanilla beans into the alcohol and replace the cap.
  6. Let sit for roughly 6 months, shaking it once a week {or when you remember}.
  7. Bottle It
  8. I've used half pint canning jars, recycled glass jars, as well as these Amber colored glass jars {which I actually prefer}.
  9. Homemade Vanilla Extract makes wonderful gifts for any occasion!


If you've forgotten to start your homemade extract in time to give as a gift, you can always mark on the bottle not to open until specified date.

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