Make Your Own Disinfectant

by GettingFreedom on February 6, 2012

As a generalized statement, we never get sick.  I can count of both of my hands the amount of times I cleaned up pure sickness.  I’m very thankful for that!

All of that was before last week!  The 24-hour bug ran through almost all of us, one person at a time.  Including myself! I’m so sick of doing laundry–but it’s a new week and time for me to get started again. Eek!

After a bought of sickness like my family has just seen, I have a strong desire to disinfect my entire home.  But those commercial cleaners?  Ew!  Their smells are overbearing and the chemicals are damaging.

What to do?

Make Your Own Disinfectant

I’ve seen a few different combinations of homemade disinfectant.  Although, one always sticks out to me, mostly because of it’s simplicity.

Homemade Disinfectant


  • 1 Part Water
  • 1 Part Vinegar
  • 10-15 Drops Essential Oil {such as Orange, Lemon, Tea Tree, or Eucalyptus}


  1. Combine vinegar and water in a spray bottle and drop in essential oil of your choice. Use spray to disinfect counters, high chairs, door knobs, or other surfaces.


See ya later, I’m off to disinfect! Safely. :)


This post is part of Frugal Friday.

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