Make Your Own DeIcer

by GettingFreedom on February 21, 2013

Many parts of the country–mine included–are experiencing lots of snow, sleet and ice.  My specific area is all sleet and ice.  And it’s not cool.  Couple that with high winds, and we’ve got a potential of losing our electricity.  I refuse to think about that for too long.

After picking my daughter up from volleyball practice yesterday, I popped into our regular ol’ Walmart (not a supercenter) to get some little propane containers for our Buddy heater, and some Cheerios for the husband.  My women’s group was giving me a lot of grief over not purchasing cereal for my cereal-loving husband.  I figured I would redeem myself. :)  I passed by rack after rack of ice scrapers, deicers, and salt.

Have you seen how much deicers cost?!  Whoa!  And to think, many people probably purchased it, and they have all of the ingredients to make deicer at home for a fraction of the cost! 

How to Make DeIcer

Mix 3 parts White Distilled Vinegar with One Part Water.

Simple as that.

Spray on Windshields, door locks, or even concrete surfaces.

Be sure to remove the melted ice slush off of the surface before it refreezes!


Stay warm and safe, friends!

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