Make Your Own Snowglobes

by GettingFreedom on December 8, 2011

I always have so much fun decorating for Christmas–or even just bringing out all the things that have winter written all over them.  Then, after I have everything out and I complain about how much stuff I have, I always find new things to create or add to the collection. I’m sure I’m not alone!

But DIY Snowglobes do not take up much space. And better yet?  You can unassemble {if that’s what you want to call it} them, use the supplies for other things throughout the year, and create them again come December.  Now that’s my kind of decor!

Their price tag is just icing on the cakeI made these 3 for nothing out of pocket.


Recycled Jars or Mason Jars from your collection {no cost}

Epsom Salt {I used some that I had leftover from making bath salts.  Purchased for around $3}

Assorted Trinkets {I use Pinecones, mini cookie cutters, cinnamon sticks with a ribbon tied around it, greenery from fake tree} {no cost}

From there it’s pretty self explanatory.  Arrange the items until you are satisfied.  Sit back and drink hot cocoa and dream of snow.



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