Make A Difference with Holiday Giving

by GettingFreedom on December 7, 2011

We’ve reached the time of year when most everyone is on a mission to find that perfect gift for thier friend or loved one.

Overall, people are a bit happier.  A little more willing to lend a helping hand, sponsor a needy family in the area, drop off some extra food baskets at the local pantry

It’s the spirit of the season.  I wish it lasted all year.

You all know that the Ronald McDonald House is near and dear to us.  Yesterday the Facebook Status of my local house caught my eye.  They were looking to bless the House Families with Christmas Gifts.

I must admit something.

This year, now that life has finally felt like it’s settling into a new normal {let’s hope I didn’t jinx it!}, I’ve focused on my family.  My friends

I’ve barely given a thought about other families who may be hurting in this season.

It was hard enough for us to be in the Ronald McDonald House when we were.  Truly, I cannot even begin to imagine one of my children being hospitalized on Christmas.  Charities like the Ronald McDonald House strive to make times like these as normal as they possibly can be, considering the circumstances.

Our local Ronald McDonald House has a very short Christmas Wishlist.  {These items may vary from house to house–but I wanted to include them here to give ideas for those who are interested.  Be sure to call your local house before purchasing.}

Men’s grooming sets
Small tool sets
Men’s gloves/scarves
Women’s bath sets
Women’s gloves/scarves
House slippers for men & women
Gift cards to Wal-Mart
Gift cards to gas stations
Gift cards to restaurants

All of these items can be picked up with little out of pocket expenses–yet will make huge impact on the families receiving them. Which is the generally the case for any charity choose to support.


You can also help the RMH year around by collecting pop tabs, or dropping by donations.  There are lots of small things you can do to help in BIG ways!

Let’s all pick a family or a charity–and make a difference!  Could you imagine the impact that could have?


{The RMH is not compensating me for promoting their charity.  They’ve just made a very large imprint on our lives.}


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