Lordy, Lordy!!

by GettingFreedom on July 15, 2008

When does it end?! We’ve had quite an eventful weekend, only to be faced with an eventful week (atleast so far!) Let’s hope all the eventful-ness stops here!

Sunday evening DS#2 woke up mid sleep because he was itching so bad. No biggie. We live in the middle of nowhere so our medicine cabinet is fully stocked with anti-itch medication for anything from chigger/tick bites, to poison ivy. He had little red bumps on his back down my his underwear line. My assumption was chigger bites since we were outdoors all weekend. Wrong.
The next morning, Monday, they had multiplied. His back was covered in these itchy red bumps. You know where this leads, right?! Yup. Good ol’ chicken pox. The last time I seen chicken pox was when I had them as a young kid. Of course as a kid everything is magnified, escpecially when you are living it. Thank God he just has a mild case of them. Just on his back, belly, and some on his legs. Hopefully he won’t be contagious come next week…we have VBS at our church.

Anyway, since there was threat of chicken pox when we went to the doctor today we had to be quarantined away from everyone. Good idea since that is how it turned out. We had to wait for a little while, and DD got bored. She just found out Thursday of last week that she had a loose tooth, so she started to mess with it. I wiggled it, maybe with a little pressure and it popped pretty far out..but not all the way. By the time the doctor came in, the tooth was out.

Yippee!! I’m very happy that it came out so easy.

DS#1’s teeth absolutely refused to come out on their own and we had to take him to the dentist and get the 2 bottom pulled. Dentists don’t come cheap! :) His permanent teeth were already in, standing straight up, right behind his baby teeth. Thankfully they have moved into place perfectly.

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