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by GettingFreedom on January 21, 2009

Since we have started this gazelle intense mission of paying off our debt, all of our extra money that isn’t already allocated, is thrown at our debt. It has been so nice to watch our numbers go down month by month.
We knew sometime around the summer that we needed to buy a new stove, so I slowly began saving money back for this hefty purchase. The stove I needed was almost $1000. My meager $60/month was taking forever.
Then came the demise of Mrs. Range. We continued to save up, and make due with my oven that wouldn’t close.
Aggravating, yes. Impossible, no.
The crazy number plugging side of my brain was working in overtime trying to figure out just how long it was going to take me to save up for this $1000 stove. I kept trying to rationalize and justify ways that I could just take our snowball and buy my stove instead. (**By the way, if you ever find yourself having to justify or rationalize anything, that is when you know that that particular decision is not right. Look the other way and move on. You should never have to justify a decision.**) Afterall it was a necessity. We had to eat. And we needed this fancy $1000 double oven, right?
This past weekend Mrs. Range decided that she wasn’t going to close at all. Unfortuntely an oven that is wide open tends to be a burn hazard, and it doesn’t cook near as well. We needed to do something quick. A $1000 stove was just no longer an option. Period.
We turned to the idea of used. Thankfully we came across one on Craigslist for $50!! We picked it up, and it is perfect. Definitely not the $1000 double oven that I had in mind, but the oven door closes and it has 4 working burners. Who knew that my $50 stove works just as well as the $1000 would have? Hmm.
We were able to use the money we had set back to pay for our new to us stove, and use the remainder to throw at our debt.
Definitely better than throwing $1000 at a new stove. Atleast on this budget. I still hope and dream that one day that double oven will be sitting in my kitchen cooking me up some food.
Until then, Craigslist definitely works for me!
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