Last Week Walgreens Trip

by GettingFreedom on October 13, 2008

I’m beginning to get really bad at showing my shopping trips! Oops. The last week of September and the first week of October I never did show my shopping trips….but I did do pretty well on both. I guess you will just have to take my word on it. Ha.

I went again Friday, and used my gift card to pay for both transactions, so there was NOTHING OOP!! That, and I earned RR on the first transaction, and I bought more stuff with rebates, so I am rolling my money back onto the gift card. Hot Dog!

** I realized after I took/posted this picture that I forgot to put the (4) 12 pks of Diet Pepsi in there.**

I did 2 transactions because I had a TON of RR that I wanted to use to pay for part of my order, and I did’t want to risk not getting them for the 2 items I had that earned RR. So here is my first transaction:

(2) Tuf Paper Towels

(2) Listerine Smart Rinse 2/$9

(2) Wisp Flameless Candles (I bought all they had. :( ) $5.99 ea

Coupons Used

.59 in ad coupon for Tuf PT

$5 Wisp Coupon

BOGO Wisp (.99 for 2)

Listerine rung up @ $4.29/ea (.21 cheaper)

Total: $12.48 on gift card (nothing oop)

RR Earned: $4.50 for Smart Rinse, $3 for Wisp

Transaction #2

(2) Tuf Paper Towels

(2) Brachs Candy Corn 2/$3

(2) Snickers Bagged Candy $2.50 ea

(2) Reese’s PB Cups Bagged Candy $2.50 ea

(2) Windex $2.50 ea

(3) Glade Scented Oil Candle Holder $3.99 ea

Kitchen Utensil .99

(2) Shout $2.50 ea

(2) Pledge Bonus Pk w/ Free Dusters $3.49 ea

(4) Glade Oil Candle Refills $1.99 ea

(2) Colgate Max Fresh TP $1.50 ea

Colgate Toothbrush $1.50

(4) Diet Pepsi 12pks $12

**Oral B Toothbrush $3.99

Coupons Used

$1/2 Brachs ESQ FP: $2/2

In ad Tuf PT FP: .59 ea

(2) $2 Windex IP from here. FP: .50 ea (plus $1 MIR)

(3) $3 Glade Oil Holer FP: .99 ea (plus $2 MIR)

(2) $1.50 Shout from here. FP: $1 ea (plus $1 MIR)

(2) $2 Pledge from here. FP: .50 ea (plus $1 MIR)

(4) $1 Glade Oil Refill FP: $1 ea (plus $1 MIR)

(2) $1 Colgate Max Fresh FP: .50 ea

$1 Colgate TB FP: .50

$4 MIR on chocolate

$47 in RR

TOTAL: $6.58 (before tax was $1.55!!!!!!) on gift card nothing OOP.

***RR Earned: so much for keeping them seperate! I forgot all about the Oral-B TB since it wasn’t on my list and was buried in my buggy. So, since I used a RR from the Oral B to pay for this transaction it didn’t print a new one. Stink!**

MIR: $20 in MIR ($22 w/bonus)

Final Tally: $19.06 on gift card. $7.50 in RR. $22 in MIR.

+$10.44 is what I MADE on this trip!

I wish they all went this way! :)

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