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by GettingFreedom on February 10, 2009

I live in a relatively small home, I refer to it kindly as the “Shoe Box.” It makes me crazy some days, but there is just nothing that I can do about it right now.

We must get this debt out of the way first.

I’ve been highly annoyed with my kitchen over the past few months, and I finally decided that instead of grumbling over it..I needed to take action.

We have a small room off the side of our carport that we weren’t really utilizing, other than to store our deep freeze and our home canned goods. I started to use it as my “couponing stash” when I started to get enough to call a stockpile.

This area has now become one of my most useful places! It is heated/cooled so it basically like another room to my home.

Anyway, so I have been going through my cabinets trying to move the things out of there that I don’t use everyday. Things like special serving platters, extras of condiments, and other randomness that I may use just once a year. In this quest, I have found that I must be highly addicted to serving platters.

But, the biggest accomplishment of all….

The picture on the right is my spice cabinet. On the bottom is a container that contains things that I use almost every time I bake something (baking soda, baking powder, vanilla, etc). The basket next to it contains the few packets of seasonings that I have left, as well as salt, and pepper. The other two shelves are my spices.

The picture to the right is my drink cabinet. The bottom shelf is my coffee, middle is all our tea, hot cocoa, and the individual drink packet things. Mostly everything I have taken out of the box so that I could put them into baskets. Also interspersed in this cabinet, are cake mixes, raisins, and pudding/jello mixes (that I hardly use!).

I love the transformation!

The baskets are so easy to just pull out of the cabinet to get what I need, and return when I am finished with the ingredients, or when I am cleaning the kitchen. Makes clean up a snap!

To see more kitchen clean-ups visit Biblical Womanhood and for more kitchen tips go to Tammy’s Recipes.

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