Kitchen Oil Sprayer

by GettingFreedom on January 13, 2010

I have long been leery of the aerosol spray cans of oil. After reading the label on one of those cans, and seeing propellant listed as an ingredient–I knew it was time to find an alternative.

I found a pump-action oil sprayer. You fill the bottle with oil of your choice, pump it up a few times, and spray away just as you would with aerosol sprayers. Just without the propellant, and whatever else they add in. They are a great way to use the oil you already buy.

The oil spritzer I found was from Pampered Chef and cost $12.50. However, you can pick up a stainless steel version from Amazon. I’ve not personally tried this one, but I really like that it is stainless versus plastic. In addition to stainless steel, Amazon also offers an aluminum version.

I’ve used my spritzer to oil baking pans, as well as adding a dab of oil to skillets to saute veggies. No need to worry about adding pesky chemicals into my organic, homegrown veggies–just pure, heart healthy olive oil. :) Not to mention it’s cheaper for me to buy a big thing of oil than to buy the aerosol oil.

My very own Kitchen Oil Sprayer is one of my new favorite kitchen gadgets–I’m never looking back!

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