I’ve Been Itching to Pitch!

by GettingFreedom on June 18, 2009

I guess there is just something about spring and summer that just make me feel like I need to get rid of things. Usually though, when I get started and in the middle of a major re-organization project, I lose all of my mojo. Not good!

Thankfully, all summer long, The Happy Housewife is hosting “Itch to Pitch.” Maybe this is just what I need to stay on track and accountable. We’ll see. :)

I started last week–but completely spaced to take before pictures. And, well, I’ve held this post in my drafts since Sunday, waiting on the after pictures. Did you know that you need a camera for that? Doesn’t work well if the camera is located in the vehicle your husband drives to work!

Anyway, I started with the boys’ room. I cleaned it out the beginning of the month, but decided that it was still too cluttered for my liking. This time, I came out with an entire trash bag of trash/clutter, and two laundry baskets worth of toy donations! This is in addition to the trash bag full of clothes I pulled out at the first of the month and the huge buggy of winter clothes for storage. Have I ever mentioned that my Mother-In-Law has a major fear that my children will freeze to death, so she is constantly buying them coats/gloves/hats/scarves for winter? My oldest literally owns 5 winter coats!! Comes in handy when one gets dirty or wet from snow, but not so much when it goes to storing them. Gotta love her! :)

Hopefully now that their room is cleared out a bit, not only will it be easier for them to keep clean, but hopefully I can get in there and repaint and redecorate. But that is a whole ‘nother post!

Do you have the Itch to Pitch? What rooms are you planning on working on?

Be sure to check out The Happy Housewife’s Itch to Pitch Series.

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