It’s Party Time! Excellent!

by GettingFreedom on March 20, 2009

It’s party time! 5 Minutes for Mom is hosting their annual Ultimate Blog Party, and there are lots of great prizes at stake (any of which I would love to win!). Be sure to check in on the action, if you haven’t already!

Come on in for the party, and sit down a relax for a bit.

Partying will wear a girl out! Help yourself to some Blueberry Streusel or anything else you can find around here.

I’m Phoebe and I love to talk about all things frugal, including gardening, cooking from scratch, and our quest to getting out of debt. We’re learning all about the simple life and it’s many pleasures, and I would love for you to join in! I also host a feature called Finding Freedom Fridays where we all gather to share different frugal ideas and help each other find freedom from debt. Be sure to come back and share your tips!

I won’t keep you too long, but feel free to subscribe to my blog feed, or you can catch up with me on Twitter.

Be sure to visit all of the other parties goin‘ on and get in on the fun!

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