I’m stepping out of my box…..

by GettingFreedom on November 14, 2008

And I’m FINALLY going to sew something!

My mom and dad bought me a sewing machine for Christmas ’02. I asked for one because I really wanted to make a quilt. The only thing I had ever even sewn before this point in time, were curtains, and a small blanket for Nicholas back when I was pregnant with him (that was 2000). We bought all the patterns and such to make his entire bedroom bedding set things…but I was put on a very restrictive bed rest, and eventually the hospital 2 months before I had him…so it never got finished.

Anyway…my machine has barely been used. It hasn’t even seen the light of day for over a year…maybe 2. Honestly, I cannot even remember the last thing I used it for. That is, before Halloween.

In true procrastinator fashion..I waited until the week of Halloween to make my kids’ costumes. This year actually involved sewing. Gah! But, it revived my creative mind.

Since I’ve buckled down the budget, I’ve all but eliminated our normal Christmas budget. I knew that this meant I would have to be creative, which is fine with me. I like to pretend I’m crafty! :)

So, I’m a sewing!

I’m making pajamas for my kids, and I hope to make many more things before Christmas gets here. (I’ve started late, huh? Oops!)

I’ve never in my life read a pattern. I had NO idea what I was doing…but I think that I may have figured it out.

If anyone has any advice…I’m all ears! I’m in dire need. Posts will probably be a little sparatic as well…because I am on a mission! I’ll be in and out for atleast the next week.

Wish me luck!

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