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by GettingFreedom on December 4, 2008

With all the deals at Walgreen’s this week, I couldn’t stay away! I can confirm that the $5 RR when you spend $25 DOES roll onto the next. There are almost endless possiblilites this week…especially if you buy perfume/cologne for Christmas gifts.

I ended up doing 3 transactions, and one got all messed up because it didn’t print a RR. This got me all in a funk when it came to transaction 3, so my OOP between all 3 transactions was a lot higher than anticipated. Plus, I went without being fully planned out. I just had a rough guess as to what I wanted, and the main deal I went for I couldn’t do. So, without furthur ado….

Transaction #1

Straightener (I was in DIRE need of one of these!) $19.99

(2) Reach Toothbrushes $6

Coupons Used:

BOGO Reach Toothbrushes
GC: $23.74

OOP: $1.32

Recieved: $5 (for Straightener), $6 (for TB), $5 (for spending $25)

Transaction #2

This is where things went nuts……

(2) Capri Sun $6

(3) Planters Peanuts $8.97 (this is where the problem is..they were suppossed be $3 each so that I could get the $5 RR. It took us forever to figure out that was what was not making the RR print. I pointed out that the ad said they were $3…the manager was dumb founded, so she just gave me a $5 RR from the drawer.)

Bald Guyz Wipes $4.99

Right Gaurd Professional $5.99

Coupons Used

$6 RR from Reach Toothbrushes

$5 RR from Straightener

$5 RR from spending $25

OOP: $10.17

RR Earned: $5 (from snacks) $5 (from spending $25)
MIR: $10.99 ($5 for Right Guard and $4.99 for wipes)

Transaction #3

I think at this point the manager was beyond confused. Which was okay…but she rubbed her confusion onto me…Not good!

Infusium $5.99
Infusium Conditioner Clearanced @ $4.49
Pantene Shampoo Clearanced @ $4.89
Pantene Conditioner Clearanced @ $4.89
(2) Reach Floss $6

Coupons Used
$1/2 Pantene
(2) $1 Reach Floss

I did not use my previous RR, which was the original plan, because the manager was convinced that it would not spit out any additional RR. I wish I would have just to show her that it would….but I had already consumed enough of her time, and my 3 year old was dying to go home, and we still had to clear things up from transaction #2. So….

OOP: $25.35
RR Earned: $8 (from shampoo), $6 (from Reach), and $5 (from spending $25)

Final Tally:
OOP: $36.84
RR still left: $29
MIR: $10.99

$3.15 PROFIT

Oh…and I forgot that for all 3 transactions I recieved a $10/25 coupon good at Fashion Bug. Hmm….I think I may see more shopping in my future!

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