I Haven’t Given Up!

by GettingFreedom on July 9, 2009

I really didn’t mean to disappear, but life has been seriously crazy! Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes–it truly was the best yet. The family and I went to a lake not too far from here and swam for 7 hours straight and then watched fireworks from the “beach”. The children were so exhausted they slept until 10:30 the next morning and that was with us waking them up!

While the 4th was relatively uneventful, we were still busy. This was one of only 2 or 3 weekends we have been home all summer, so we took advantage of it and took care of some things around here–as well as pick some of our many wild blackberries. Then I had to bake up a storm in preparation of our Church’s celebration Sunday evening, which was awesome.

By the time Monday rolled around, there was no denying that I was worn out, and because I swam all day on Friday, my ears were killing me. So I crashed! The only thing that I accomplished was a few loads of laundry and that was only because Mt. Laundry had taken over every room of my home! The other days of this week have been spent catching up on much needed housework, gardening, and bread making and today finds me canning. I’m in dire need of making sweet pickles, jalapeno jelly, and blackberry jelly. Hopefully I will be able to post some pictures later of my garden as well as my canning adventures.

So, don’t give up on me–life is just crazy! :)

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