Singing Houses and Hospitality

by GettingFreedom on March 9, 2009

I had a completely different post planned in my mind for today, but I put that all aside after reading Moms The Word post about hospitality.

Amazingly enough this is something that has been weighing on my mind a lot, lately. Isn’t it amazing how God puts these things in your life at just the right time? Ahh–what an awesome God we serve! :)

As a homemaker, I have been on almost every end of the spectrum (which cracks me up, since I have only been a homemaker for 9 years!). I haven’t been on the completely filthy, shut my house down end–but way too close for my liking! Definitely not something to be proud of, or an environment for company, which we never had anyway.

When I first started out living on my own, I was very meticulous, everything was always put up. We lived comfortably in our home, but I was constantly going behind my oldest and picking up anything he wasn’t playing with at the time. Not a fun environment for him.

Right now, my home is okay for unexpected company. I hear it humming, rather than the singing I want to hear. My mission over the next few weeks/months is to take control of my homemaking duties {again}, but not overdo it.

I want my home to be singing, and welcoming neighbors and friends with open arms. But, I don’t want to be so freakish that I pick up after every move of my company, or my family. I want us to be comfortable. To live here and to enjoy it.

This is my Make Your Home Sing List this week:
  • I hope to focus and gain control of my kitchen table, yet again. It is still overrun with seeds, and planters.
  • Thankfully my decluttering has really lifted some weight off, but I think I could go around and declutter again.
  • Look over my Housecleaning Schedule–and see if I can make any changes.

What are you doing to make your home sing? Check out Moms The Word to see what others are doing.

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