I don’t like getting confused! Ha.

by GettingFreedom on June 26, 2008

Well…I had to make another trip to town Wednesday..it was unplanned and unexpected. I really don’t like those kind of trips..but what could I do. Since I was already in town (which is about 20 mins from my home) I decided to make the best of it and stop at Walgreens. There wasn’t much time to “plan” what I was going to get…which left me flustered a bit. I’m a planner and a major list maker. Can hardly function without them! So..back to Walgreens…without much planning, I still feel as if I did okay..although I forgot to use my RR from last week! GRR! That is going to take me a bit to get used to.

So here is my score:

(2) Walgreen’s Alum foil 2/.99

(2) Planter’s Trail Mix 2/1.98 (which spit out .75 in RR)

(2) Ajax Dish Soap 2/1.79

(2) Gorton’s Popcorn Shrimp 2/$4

(2) Off Power Pad Lamps 10.99ea

(1) Schick Quattro Razor 8.99

(2) Bertolli Chicken for 2 5.99 ea

(3) Skippy PB 3/$5 (this w/the bertolli qualified me for the $5 RR)

Then I used these coupons..

.75 off 2 Gortons…making them 1.63 ea

Off Lamps $1 ES q ($2), $3 man, and then a BOGO..making them $3 ea

Razor $4 ES, $2 man making it $2.99 (Willie was in need of another one)

Then..the I had (2) $2.50 Q’s for the Bertolli’s making them $3.49 ea..but paired w/the Skippy qualified me for $5 RR…making the PB .66 ea and the Bertoli 2.49 ea.

If I had remembered those pesky little RR ($7.50 worth) it would have been even better. That’s what happens when I don’t plan. That and confusing myslef into not getting the Egde Shave Gel for free!!! Gah. I confused myself into believing that the ones on sale were not the ones with the ES q and my man. q. Hopefully no more unplanned trips for me! I hope that I get better at this Walgreens and couponing thing. I’m sure that there are better deals that I could have gotten…but I am addicted either way! Practice makes perfect! :)

Currently in my purse I have $13.25 in RR…hopefully I can score big next week.

Anyone have any upcoming deal plans?

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