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by GettingFreedom on March 27, 2009

I apologize that with all the talk of gardening, I haven’t produced a photo to show off my own seedlings. I’ve been experiencing technical difficulties with my computer. For one reason or another it will not recognize the USB cord that goes to my camera dock. Finally, I gave up and just took my memory card in, and made a CD. Yippee!!

So, here is an update. Complete with pictures! {Which, I just so happen to be the worst photographer on the planet!}

First off–let’s take a walk to the garden and the greenhouse.

And here she is! Nothing fancy, and nothing huge. Just my best friend. :)

The black barrel in the back is full of water. When it gets super hot in there during the day (yesterday I accidentally let it get up 120°) the water absorbs that heat and releases it at night when the temperatures are cooler. Comes in handy for sure! There are a couple flats that didn’t make in the picture–but I’m sure that you get the jist!

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage that desperately needs to go outside. The weather has went nuts on me, so I’m hesitant to plant these outside quite yet. {Total of 6}

These are Golden Cal Wonder peppers. {Total of 22}

Below, are Edible Chrysanthemums. I don’t know that we will actually eat them, but it is part of our edible landscaping. These have shot up since being re-potted. Their 4th set of leaves are sprouting now. {Total of 6–wish I’d done more. Maybe later.}

These are Reverend Morrow Longkeeper Tomatoes. He is actually my tallest one, but I have another one that has more leaves. {This was on accident, total of 29. I think I miscounted, because originally there were 38 that germinated. I know some I’ve gotten rid of, or some have gotten rid of themselves *ahem*, but I don’t think it was that many.}

In addition to these tomatoes, I also have 8 Amish Paste, 12 Roma, and 10 Black Krim (which are a purple-ish color tomato). There is no way on Earth that I am keeping that many tomatoes, so I hope to give some to friends, or as Willie suggested, sell them at the Farmer’s Market. I’m just not sure about that.

The other things I’ve got coming up, which just aren’t interesting enough for a picture are:

  • 10 Cilantro
  • 8 Tomatillo
  • 4 Yellow Habanero (which have taken forever to germinate!)
  • 5 Yellow Wonder Strawberries
  • 7 Aster (flower)
  • 3 Giant Cockscomb (another flower)
  • 2 Parisian Pickling Cucumbers (which I thought I planted forever ago, but apparently didn’t!)
  • Yellow/Red/White Onions in the ground {Around 200!}
  • 40 Strawberries (20 Quinalt, and 20 AllStar) This sounds like a ton–but I came across an article that said for a family of 4, you needed 30 Strawberry plants to produce enough for a year. So, I figured that 40 wasn’t too far off for our family of 5.
  • Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce
  • Cimmaron Lettuce
  • And another one that I just drew a blank on the name.

I do believe that everything in this list, other than the Asters, Quinalt and AllStar Strawberries and the onions, is an heirloom. Fingers crossed that I can save seeds from most of these so that I can produce a crop next year.

Which brings me to the Seed to Seed Challenge. I’m so happy to be taking part in this challenge. I found it not too long ago, off of OneMother’sLove blog. Since this was our whole mission with this garden this year anyway, I decided to join in. If you haven’t heard of 1GreenGeneration, you really should go check it out. Loads of great information!

And, be sure to stop by Garden Club Friday to see updates from others.

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