I actually did it!

by GettingFreedom on August 28, 2008

In my quest to become more frugal and get my grocery budget down, I finally decided that I could no longer buy from Schwan’s. We actually decided this about a year ago, but I’m a sucker for lunch at my door.
In looking through my July and August spending, I got really frustrated with myself and decided that if I was going to achieve my goals, Schwan’s definitely had to go. I’m not a big buyer anyway, but some things I just HAD to have.

The Schwan’s man was not happy with me yesterday, but what can I say. “Your prices are ridiculous, and they just keep going up!” That was what I was thinking, instead I just politely told him that we are trying to stick to our budget, and there is no room for Schwan’s.

He tried to woo me with their new White-Castle like burgers. Oh they are a great after school snack for your kids, there are 8 in a box, all for only $9.99. Say what?!
Walgreen’s has ‘em 2/$6 and I have some .50 coupons. Price match and take my coupon, and I’ll stay.

Good thing I didn’t actually say that (can’t say that it didn’t cross my mind though), he woulda surely laughed in my face!
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