I <3 Walgreen’s!

by GettingFreedom on September 10, 2008

I made a special trip into town today to score some good deals. I have found that I have more competition that I thought, originally, and I didn’t want to miss out!

For the first time ever I decided to do 2 transactions so that I could use the RR from one transaction, to help pay for the 2nd. Glad I did!

But I lost the first receipt in the process! That kinda freaks me out!

Although, I pretty well know the breakdown (because I write everyting on my shopping list, I still really like my receipts!)

Hopefully it will crop up.
**UPDATE** I found him (the receipt) in my handy dandy “green” bag from Wags. Forgot I put him there! Guess that is why you should put things where they go. And, I realized that i never did put the Chex in the pic…they were hanging out with my receipt.

Here is my score:

I made a mental mistake thinking that the Oust and the Glade Fabric Spray were 1.99, when they were originally 2.99. Eek. So this made my anticipated OOP higher than intended. I guess this is what happens when you shop with a 3 year old.

1st Transaction:
(4) Glade Fabric Sprays $2.99
Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foam $3.79
SB Bathroom Cleaner $2.49
SB Flushable Wipes $2.49
(2) SB Toilet Gel $3.79
Pledge MulitSurface Wipes $3.79
Windex $2.49

Coupons Used:
(3) $1 MQ for Glade
(1) $1.50 MQ Q for Glade (4) $1 ESQ Final Price: .87 cents ea
$1 MQ SB Mega Shower Foam Final Price:$2.79
.75 SB Bathroom Cleaner Final Price:$1.74
$1 MQ SB Flushable Wipes Final Price: $1.49
(2) $1 MQ SB Toilet Gel Final Price: $2.79
$1 MQ Pledge Wipes Final Price: $2.79
.75 MQ Windex Final Price: $1.74

Earned: $10 RR

2nd Transaction:
(3) Arm and Hammer Deo
(3) Schick Quattro Razors $4.99 ea
(2) Oust Sprays $2.99
(3) Robitussin $3.99
(3) Visine Eye Drops $3.99
Lypsyl LypMoisterizer $1.99
Crest Pro Health Mouthwash $4.29
(2) Sunsilk one Shamp and one Cond 2/$4.29
(3) Chex Mix

Coupons Used:
.99 Rain Check for Deo from last week Final Price: .99 ea
(3) $4 MQ for Razors Final Price: .99ea
$2 Oust MQ, (2) $1 ESQ (tried to use bogo, but it didn’t go through) Final Price: .99 ea
(3) $3 Robitussin IP’s Final Price: .99 ea
(3) $3 Visine Q’s from All You, (3) $2 ESQ Final Price: $3.03 in overage
(2) $1.50 Sunsilk MQ Final Price: .65 ea
(2) .60 Chex IP’s (I *lost* my third!) Final Price: .59 ea
$10 RR from first transaction

OOP: $18.48
Earned: $10 RR from Robitussin and $4.50 from Mouthwash
MIR: $1.99 plus 10 % (total of $2.19) for Lypsyl

Final OOP: $40.83
RR Left: $14.50
MIR: $2.19
71% savings and $1.28 per item. With all the cleaning supplies and meds…not too bad! This does NOT take into account MIR or RR earned. With that taken into account my savings is 83%.

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