How Far Would You Go?

by GettingFreedom on February 11, 2009

I’ve been dying to get a greenhouse since we started planning a relatively large garden for this year and we wanted to do it from seeds rather than plants. I know that seeds are a little more work than just buying the plants, but they are so much cheaper than the plants.

We began the journey of researching ways to build greenhouses, and also looking into the price of a new one. I really wanted the kind that had the hard plastic sides, versus the plastic tarp thing. After figuring out how much it would cost, though, we decided that for our first year, we should just build one of the plastic tarp ones and later on we could upgrade if we thought we needed to.

But, the other day while attending to my new addiction know as Craigslist (which came about after this incident), I found a used greenhouse. It was the exact model that we were originally looking at that had the hard plastic panels and it was $120 cheaper. SCORE! The only problem, it was in the city, just over an hour away.

After much talk and deliberation, we decided to get it. The final price of the used one was still cheaper than what we would be able to build one for. Yesterday, while looking at Craigslist again (I told you it was an addiction) I found a listing from a woman who had a greenhouse business, and was selling out. She was selling all of her benches, pots, live plants, etc. I was dancing in my seat. It was on our way to the city, so we decided to just stop in there first.

We got to the greenhouse business first, and I purchased 10 inserts (the little compartments to start your seeds in) and 10 trays to put the inserts in, as well as 4 benches. Not all of the benches will fit in the greenhouse, but they are very high quality benches that I could even sit outside in the garden.

It was starting to sprinkle, so we hurried out of there and went on into the city to get the greenhouse. We got to where the greenhouse was at about 7:30 pm. The woman we were buying it from owned 2 houses right next to each other, and she showed us where the greenhouse was, we paid her, and she left to go back to the other house. So my 8 year old, my husband and I started disassmbling the greenhouse to load on the trailer to haul home. It’s a small one, so it didn’t take all too long to be done, but by the time we were almost finished it was actually raining, instead of sprinkling. Thankfully it was still about 60 degrees outside.

We started loading it all on the trailer and realized that the windows were down in the truck, so Willie rolls them up, and makes sure that Noah, who is sleeping in the back, is going to be okay. We finish loading everything up and we decided to go back and make sure that we didn’t leave anything behind. I was standing between the truck and the trailer, and I go to step over the tongue of the trailer and I hit my leg, somehow my knee and end up falling face first into the gravel and a mud puddle.

Nicholas was standing right there beside me and he was freaking out. Willie comes over to help me up, but I just wanted to lay there and just soak it in, and try not to cry. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, and let me tell you that this was painful. I’m almost 6 feet tall, so I had quite the way to fall. But, I’ll almost bet that it was a pretty comical sight to see!

I make it up, bruised and battered, and we go back to make sure we didn’t forget anything. All is well and we load up in the truck, soaking wet. Go to start the truck………Dead as a doornail.

Willie accidentally left the key on when he rolled up the windows!! We couldn’t believe it.

We had to call the woman, who was at the house down the road and come jump us. After about 45 minutes we were finally on our way home.

Thankfully, all 3 kids were wonderul throughout the whole ordeal. We finally made it home last night at about 11:30pm. I decided to let the kids sleep in and just take them to school this morning.

Plus, it is my baby girl’s birthday today. Hard to believe that she is 7!

So my question is, how far would you go to save a couple hundred dollars? My guess is with everything we bought we probably saved about $270. Do you think that it was worth it?
My elbow, knee and leg are dying to know.
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