Honest Scrap Award

by GettingFreedom on January 11, 2009

Shynea over at Penny Pinching Diva has given me the Honest Scrap award. With this award I am to list 10 honest things about me, even if I have to dig deep. This may get interesting!

I also get to pass this onto 7 other people whom I feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

First, here is 10 Honest Things About Me:

  1. In high school I was very outspoken. You were going to know my opinion whether you wanted to or not. Today, while I am very opinionated, I keep them to myself unless you ask. Then, watch out! No, just kidding. But, I will probably talk/debate until you are blue in the face.
  2. Since moving away from my hometown, I cannot go anywhere new by myself. I get incredibly nervous. Either my husband has to go there for me, or someome has to be with me when I go. This counts for stores and new to me roads. It makes me crazy!
  3. I, like Shynea, am terrified of public restrooms. I will only use my bathroom or a bathroom that I know who cleaned them. I would rather hold it all day than use one. When I was in HS, I went camping w/a school group and I literally held it the entire time (thankfully just a day and a half). My mom was so irritated w/me!
  4. I count everything. No, really, everything. If I touch it, or hear it, I count it. My husband sometimes will randomly ask me how many “x” there are, or how many times someone said something. (I guess this may be part of my number addiction!)
  5. My husband and I are complete opposites. He grew up with the country kind of life. While I lived in the country, my mom always called me a “city girl”. I had never gone fishing, toughed a gun, or any form of farm animal (including cows, pigs, etc. I tried to feed a horse once, but apparently I didn’t do it right, and it tried to eat my fingers. It hurt.) Funny part about it: Our first date was a blind date, gigging. And, I just agreed to get chickens and cows this year!
  6. I’ve only fired a gun once. I think that will be my last. Just to let you in on a secret, when you fire the gun (depending on size of course) it will make a lot of noise and kick a bit. This could scare you, but whatever you do…DO NOT turn around in fright and point the gun at anything..especially people.
  7. I have many things that annoy me to no end. My father did not like noise, and unfortuntely I don’t like certain noises either. I’m sure you will really think I am crazy if I list them.
  8. I really cannot stand clutter and I cannot function in it. My house right now is the biggest clutter mess ever. I’m slowly ridding it (thanks Freecycle!).
  9. I am scared to death to let my children grow up. I seem to not them do things that others their age do, because I secretly think this will stop them from growing up. Which brings me to #10..
  10. If a hard situation comes about, I have seriously been able to convince myself that it didn’t happen and that it isn’t real. I’ve done this on multiple occassions. I guess I do this to cope. I basically forget about it, and shove it out of thought. For example: My father passed in Sept. 2003, and everytime I would call the house after that, I would just make an excuse as to why mom was always the one to answer. It wasn’t until my wedding the following July, that I realized/acccepted that he really was gone. (The whole time I was helping my mom through the greiving process, too. Which is why I think I handled it this way.)

Now, you all probably think I’m strange! :)

Instead of passing this off to 7 other people, I am going to give it to whoever wants it! Over the last week or so, I’ve had a lot of new followers (Thank you!!!!) and I haven’t had a chance to visit everyone’s blogs. So, I pass this to you so that I can learn some new things about you, and everyone else can too. If you accept this award, leave me a comment so I and everyone else knows to visit!

Have fun with it, but remember to be honest! I look forward to seeing what everyone writes!

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