Homemade Christmas Day 47: Framed Family Recipe

by GettingFreedom on November 8, 2012

My grandmother was a very special woman.  She was well known for many things.  Her chocolate chip cookies, her love for creating things with plastic canvas, her laugh, boldness, and her pumpkin roll.

When she passed I inherited all of her recipes.  They are my most prized possession.  Seeing my grandmother’s handwriting reminds me of all the letters and cards she and I used to mail back and forth to each other.  Which then brings back memories of her laughter, her insane personality, and her.

It’s crazy what emotions a persons handwriting can evoke.  Which makes me sad that I don’t hand write more of my recipes instead of relying on technology to store them or my printer to print them.

Ever since I was blessed with my grandmother’s recipe collection, I’ve wanted to somehow share them with the rest of the family.

After a discussion in one of the online groups I frequent, a friend mentioned how she had one of her favorite family recipes framed in her kitchen.  I immediately knew that I needed to do that with my grandmother’s beloved {and often requested!} pumpkin roll recipe!

How to Frame a Recipe

  1. Copy the front and back sides of the original index card, using a home scanner.
  2. Using a photo editing software {I chose Pixlr} put the 2 images side by side and save the new image on your computer.
  3. From there print off the new recipe image on cardstock {which now contains the front and back of the recipe card} using Word.
  4. Cut out fabric to fit inside a picture frame.
  5. Frame the cardstock and fabric cut out in a frame, use tape to secure.
Total Cost::  Pennies!  I used an old pillowcase for the fabric and a picture frame that I had on hand.  The only real cost was the cardstock!
I can’t decide whether or not I want to paint the frame before I send to my Aunt.  What do you think?
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