Home Management Binder: Various Sections

by GettingFreedom on October 8, 2009

The next three sections in my binder are pretty easy ones, but are still essential.

In the School section I keep the kids’ special class schedules so I can remember when they need to wear tennis shoes, or bring their library books. In addition to those lists I keep any study guides, field trip information, or ongoing homework assignments in here. This section is rather small because our public school implemented their own binder system this year that includes their calenders, newsletters and new information. If we ever switch to being a homeschooling family, this section will obviously grow. :)

Next is the Projects/Wish Lists section. It contains a stack of notebook paper for me and my husband to write down things we want. Being on a tight budget, we generally have to plan ahead for our wants. If they aren’t written down somewhere, I would forget what they were–which is sometimes a good thing. We obviously didn’t need it too bad! This list enables us to rate our wants, and when we get the money we get the item that is most important to us at the time.

Our project section is rather empty right now, mainly because it kept growing and is now it’s own folder! We are in the process of drawing out a home plan, getting bids, and finalizing the addition and remodel of our home. There is a ton of information that goes along with this process, and I’ve loved having it all in one place. But, when we are finished with all this mess, I will use this section for documenting anything that needs done around the house, or any outside projects that need to be completed (the garden, landscaping, orchard).

The final section in my Home Management Binder is the Bible Study/Scriptures sections. Quite honestly I haven’t been able to develop this one the way I had intended. Right now it contains a stack of notebook paper for me to write down any scriptures that really hit home in my reading and any inspirational books that I want to read. I’m reading more books than normal right now; Power of a Praying Wife (which I highly recommend. MomsToolbox is doing an awesome “series” on this. Go here for more information), Battlefield of the Mind, His Needs Her Needs (for our marriage class), and iBelieve for our small group bible study. I own the latter 2, so I’ve been marking any notes in them.

If you are interested in the cover pages for these sections, let me know and I will get them to you. This completes my Home Management Binder. If you’ve missed the other sections here they are:

Having everything all in one place has made a really big difference in how smoothly things have ran around here. The past few weeks have been crazy busy, but I’ve still been able to keep my head together. I’m sure my family is happy about that. ;)

If you have a Home Management Binder, I would love for you to link it up. Please be sure to include a link back here, so your readers can see the other ones as well.

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