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by GettingFreedom on September 25, 2009

Making sure your finances are in order is one of the keys to running your home smoothly. Having said this, I must admit that this section almost didn’t make it into my Home Management Binder. Here’s why; Initially, I was going to use my binder as a go-to for any and every one that may come into my home in my absence–including babysitters. While we do not use babysitters very often at all (as a matter of fact ONCE in the last 5 years!) we hope to be able to find a trusted sitter so Willie and I can have an occassional date night. I didn’t want my financial information to be in the same book as my babysitter information. Know what I mean?

Instead of taking the finance section out, one that we use weekly, for a section that may be used monthly, I decided to take the babysitter section out and put that information elsewhere.

Click HERE to print this cover page.

For me, this section wasn’t too hard to set up. Since starting Dave Ramsey’s plan, we have used a spiral notebook to write down our Monthly Cash Flow Plan, as well as our bi-weekly bill assignments (we’re paid bi-weekly, so I break our monthly bills up into 2 assignments). I go into more detail on the Cash Flow Plan and how it works in my Managing Expenses Post.

In addition to having my budget notebook in this section, I’ve also added a pocket folder so I can add in any paper bills that come in the mail. As soon as they come in, I open them up, discard the envelope it came in, and any other junk they decided to stash in there. In most cases, I will look the bills over to make sure the charges are correct, and keep only the stub. Occassionally I will keep the envelope that they included, other times I will shred it for mulch.

Another very important tool in this section is an empty calendar to record the due dates of your bills. In my case, in my absense, my husband would have no earthly idea when a bill was due. This also helps when I sit down to create our bill assignments. While most of the time if I pay one bill during this 2-week set, it won’t be due in the next–sometimes I still have to set the money aside for it during the next 2-week set. I’m sure that is just as clear as mud. :)

Really other than those 3 things, this section contains nothing else. It’s short, sweet, and effective!

How do you keep track of your Finances?

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