Healthy Food Happy Wallet Conference Recap

by GettingFreedom on December 11, 2012

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since the Healthy Food Happy Wallet Conference!  This event was held not too far from me in St. Louis on November 10th.  I knew this was a conference that I didn’t want to miss {not many conferences are in Missouri!} and then I was asked to be a speaker–and I couldn’t believe it!


The morning kicked off about 9am when the attendees began arriving.  There were a few technical difficulties–but that didn’t stop the attendees from soaking in the information!  And boy was there a lot of it!

All the way from demystifying food labels, to ways to save on organics, to bulk buying, CSA’s and Coops and everything in between.  The amount of information that each speaker covered was amazing, there wasn’t much that they didn’t cover! There’s no doubt that the conference delivered it’s healthy food on a real budget agenda!

We took a lunch break midday, and I was in awe of the food choices we had! Whole Foods provided lunch to all of the attendees, which made me wish even more so that we had a Whole Foods store closer to us.  The food was amazing! Did you know that Whole Foods caters?  I had no clue!

We were treated to vegetable platters, a Mediterranean platter with olives, couscous, and hummus, among other items, as well as sandwich wraps.


Oogave provided the drinks and they were soooo good!  Oogave drinks are sweetened with agave nectar instead of sugar, making them a healthier alternative to soft drinks.


The Healthy Food Happy Wallet Conference concluded around 5pm–yet we all stuck around and chit chatted for a while.  It’s not often that I’m surrounded {in person!} by people who share my passion of feeding my family real foods the frugal way.

Did I mention that I also got a fabulous swag bag?!

I was able to connect with Tracy from Community Helpings Co-op and hope to be able to establish a co-op in our rural area to help my local community.  If you’re interested and live anywhere between the St. Louis and West Plains, Missouri area–please shoot me an email!  The more people we get, the better!

Hopefully there will be another Healthy Food Happy Wallet Conference next year!



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