Using a Hand Blender to Save Time & Money

by GettingFreedom on November 30, 2011


A few years ago I was absolutely clueless as to what a hand blender {also known as an immersion blender} was.  And now, I’m fairly certain that I wouldn’t make it through canning season or attempt to make a pumpkin pie without one.  Their not only good for making apple butter, and pumpkin pies–their also perfect for whipping up a smoothie right in your glass {using manager special fruit, of course}!  You’ve got to appreciate less dishes!  Or even for pureeing soups, mashed potatoes, or homemade refried beans

There are so many uses for such a simple machine!


Hand Blenders come at a pretty reasonable price–many of them hovering around the $20 mark {they make great Christmas gifts for that very reason!} and it’ll do everything you need it to.  Or you can choose to go for a pricier option that’ll do even more, like this Kitchenaid Hand Blender that “Performs beyond regular immersion blenders with 5 speeds, 8″ removable arm and 3 interchangeable bell blades for task-specific precision. Includes “S” blade to puree, blend, shred or crush ice for drinks or smoothies Multipurpose blade quickly chops or minces dense foods. Beater blade blends pancake batter, whips cream or froths.”*

Save Time and Money

Most of the time you are able to use your hand blender in the same dish you cooked in {or are drinking from in the case of the smoothie.  This not only saves time, by not having to move your food to another appliance–{or use a gadget that does a less than stellar job–inevitably taking more of your precious time}, but it saves you from doing any extra dishes.  Can I get an Amen?!  Plus, hand blenders do their stuff in no time at all. With nothing more than the touch of a button.  Time is money, right?

Hand Blenders also make it easy peasy to make homemade dishes.  We all know that homemade is generally the more frugal option–not to mention more flavorful! I don’t know about you, but I’m much more likely to make food from scratch if it isn’t overly labor intensive.  I love kitchen gadgets that do all the work for me! 

For all it’s uses and time and money saving potential–a Hand Blender is a Frugal Kitchen Must!

 How do you put your Hand Blender to good use?



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