Frugal Gardening 101:: Growing Herbs

by GettingFreedom on April 26, 2011

Not a whole lot of action has happened in our garden this past week.  But I must say that that is better than what I was expecting to see.  I fully intended to see all my hard work washed away after receiving over 16 inches of rain in about a 3 day span!  Thankfully, everything was intact!  And my corn even germinated!

I decided to plant some of our most used herbs in pots on our back deck, right outside my kitchen so they would be easily accessible.  Originally, I tried to start the chives from heirloom seeds–but I’ve been unsuccessful for 3 years running now.  Time to give up {atleast for now} and move on!


This dill is begging to garnish some potatoes, and make some uh-mazing pickles!


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