Grocery Shopping

by GettingFreedom on November 25, 2008

Oh man, what a differnce it makes to go grocery shopping on a different day than Friday! I was very excited when Thursday of last week rolled around and I realized that the ONLY thing I actually needed from the grocery store, was milk, and I had enough to last through Friday. Since we were gone all weekend (again) I knew it it could wait until Monday.

I had originially planned to go full flegde grocery shopping Monday, but since we were gone all weekend (from Friday afternoon, to late Sunday evening) I had NO desire whatsoever to go shopping. Plus, I still hadn’t made up my list or menu plan. Good grief…seems as if life is really getting in the way of things around here lately! Anyway, I had to run to town yesterday to sign the big kids up for basketball (but they didn’t open until after 3!), so I suprised them and picked them up from school, ran and signed them up, and stopped by the local grocery store and bought a gallon of milk. I really wanted to faint when I seen the price…but I bought it anyway, along with some other random/needed groceries.

So…here is the rundown of this batch of grocery shopping.

Local Grocery Store: $12
Bread Store: 3 loaves Sara Lee Bread, 2 Sara Lee HD buns $4.50


(3) gallons milk (not pictured) $8.04
Dozen eggs $1.39
(2) Shredded Cheddar $5.98
(2) Ocean Spray Cranberries $1.78
3# Long Grain Rice $1.79
All Purpose Flour $1.76
Pepperoni $1.99
(4) Canned Corn $1.80
24 pk hotdogs $2.99
Fruit Snacks $1.79
whipping cream $1.59
32 oz yogurt $1.59
10lb potatoes $3.99
Cheese $1.99
(4) Cr. Mush soup $1.96
Sour Cream $.99
(3) Cr. Cheese $2.97
Onions $1.99
Quick Oats $1.79

TOTAL: $49.98


(2) Boxes Stuffing $1.92

(2) canned Black Beans $1.12

bagged blk beans $1.18

(2) Diced Tomatos $1.34 (Man alive!! These things have drastically raised! I wish I would have known that, because now Aldi is WAY cheaper, where before they were just pennies off. Currently my Aldi stands at $.47/ea)

Egg Roll Wrappers $2.17

(2) Dortios $7.96 (And…I really do not like buying Doritos…but Willie asked for them this time! Why are they never on sale when he asks for them?!)

Jimmy Dean Sausage $2.00

(4) Hillshire Farm Lunchmeat $10.00 (these had $1 peelies on them, which made them $2.50 for 9 oz of lunchmeat)

Egg Noodles $1.54

Butter Quarters 2$.00

Swiss Miss Indulgence Cocoa $1.00

GV Hot Cocoa $.94

Green Giant Steamer Corn w/butter .08!!!! (I used a $1 MQ from a recent paper. There are 2 different types of steamers, ones with sauce-which are higher, and ones without. They had a whole load of the corn w/butter marked $1.08, but when I went to check out it rang up $1.98. Um, no! So, she took my word for it and adjusted the price down to $1.08…so after my coupon they were only .08!)

Not pictured:

Random plain shirt for me $8

44 lbs Dog food $21.92

12 roll Scott TP $6.36 (totally forgot my coupon!)

TOTAL: $73.38

Dollar Tree:

Sorry for the glare! :)

Book, pink hair bows (both are Christmas presents)

2009 Inspirational Calendar

(2) Flavored tootsie Rolls (the lemon ones are my husband absolute favorite, yet we hardly ever find them.)

(2) Visor CD holders, perfume (for me)

Cinnamon Sugar

Computer Paper

Not pictured: Contruction paper and Spiderman Sticker book that Noah played with in the other stores.

TOTAL: $12.87

But, the way my budget rolls, the Christmas presents, dog food, and stuff for me do not count against my grocery budget. So…

FINAL OOP: $105.81

Last weeks leftovers ended up being spent between trips. I did a quick run to get cheap yeast, and some other things. Plus both of my big kids had snack days last week…that adds up fast! But, so far I stand at $255.81! That is $44.19 under budget! Hopefully I can hold onto that before next refill, which is December 5th.

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