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by GettingFreedom on December 11, 2008


Please excuse the disaster mess going on behind this picture..oh and the sun that was blindingly shining through the window. I’m not complaining…

I bought some stuff-stuff this time at Wal-Mart. I generally try not to do this…but I made the mistake of going down the kitchen aisle. That is my weakess ya’ll…and it got me! But, those items come off my “blow” and not my grocery. Still yet, I had to show ‘em off…cause I’m in love! I really could have done some damage, instead I wrote everything I wanted down (ahem, like a new crockpot, food processor, and a roaster majiggy) and handed prices and all to the husband when I came home. Ya know what he said? “K, go get ‘em, wrap ‘em up, slap a bow, and write my name on ‘em.” Um, no.

Here it goes:

Pack of light bulbs $6.44 (I really do not like buying these things!)
Pack of water filters $4.77
Roll of Hamburger $9.64
Olive Oil $4.78 (just a side note here…this is almost a dollar cheaper at Aldi! Gah! I didn’t even know they had it until I went there…of course after I already bought this one!)
Pork Hocks $2.77
Dried Pinto Beans $.94
Brown Rice $1.58
Baking Hen $5.19
Fruit Snacks $3.92
Spaghetti $1.74
(4) Lunchmeat $10 (I was lucky enough to find them still w/the $1 peelies)
Creole Seasoning $1.46
Coffee Filters $1.12
1 Gallon Jar $7.63
Juice Chiller $3.97 (I absolutely love this thing..perfect for OJ)

The only coupons I used this time were the (4) $1 peelies for the lunchmeat. I bought a couple things for the husband and a candy bar for Noah.

My total was: $90.01, but of this only $60 was grocery items (took off for the chiller, jar, candy bar and 2 items for DH..not pictured)


Bunch of bananas $1.67
(2) Dozen Eggs @ 1.29/ea $2.58
(2) Cream of Celery @ .49/ea $.98
Lettuce $1.19
4 Green Peppers $2.69 (ouch!)
Corn Chips $.99
(4) Frozen OJ @ $1.25/ea $5
(2) Cream of Chicken @.49/ea $.98
3lb Smoked Sausage $3.69
(2) Crunchy PB @ $1.39/ea $2.78
(2)Brown N Serve Sausage @ .89/ea $1.78
Creamer $1.95
24 pk Hot Dogs $2.99
Moo Tubes (knock off Gogurt) $2.19
Spaghetti Sauce .97
(2) Diced Toms @ .49/ea $.98
Shredded Cheddar $2.99
(2) Family Pack Tea @1.19/ea $2.38
Light Corn Syrup $1.29
Swiss Singles $1.99
Amercan Singles $1.99
(4) Kidney Beans @ .55/ea $2.20
(3) Butter Quarters @ $1.99 $5.97
Sour Cream $.89
Saltines $.89
(2) Cream Cheese @ .99/ea $1.98
5lb Yukon Gold $1.19
10lb Russett $3.99
(2) Mini Marshmellows @.75 $1.50
Margarine $1.89
(2) Ketchup @ $1.15 $2.30
Celery $.89
(4) gallon Milk $9.92
Aldi Eco-Bag $1.99
TOTAL: $83.90

GRAND TOTAL: $143.90
Basically $6 under budget, and I bought more stuff that wasn’t actually on my list this time. The ham hocks and pinto beans were a spur of the moment meal idea. Honestly, I’m not exactly sure why I picked them up this week, because I already have my menus planned out for this week and next. Apparently it just sounded good!
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