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by GettingFreedom on January 7, 2009

I actually intended to have this post up this morning, but I didn’t make it! I’m a little behind on things today.

Anyway, I went grocery shopping on Monday with my new budget.

This go around I went to Aldi, WalMart and Walgreens.

For picture sake, I jumbled Aldi and Walmart together, and I forgot to put my milk in the picture..but I think it was already mighty full!

**For those that are new to my blog, I grocery shop every 2 weeks, which is why this looks like an amazing amount of food!**

(2) Frozen Peas $1.90
Carrots .99
(4) Frz. OJ $5.00
(2) Saltine Crackers $1.78
Onions $1.49
*Pretzels $1.29
Chocolate Chips $1.49
4# Sugar $1.49
All Purpose Flour $1.45
*Almonds $1.99
(2) Elbow Macaroni $3.38
(2) Corn .90
Velveeta type cheese $3.79
(2) Pkgs. Fresh Brocolli $1.98
Corn Flakes $1.15
Raisins $1.65
Sour Cream .89
Celery $1.09
(2) Shredded Cheddar $5.98
(2) Eggs $2.78
Spaghetti Sauce .97
Butter $1.99
10# Potatoes $3.99
(4) Gal Milk $10.80

(2) Shells/Cheese $2.88
Friut Snacks $3.92
Dried Black Beans $1.92
Lentils .98
Green Onions $1
(4) Lunchmeat $11.76
(4) Tuna $2.76
(2) Salmon $4.16
Dried Beans .92
*(2) Fruit by the Foot (Franken Berry) $3
*Vanilla Chai Tea $2.18
(2) Applesauce $3.72
More dried beans $1.22
(4) Dole Fruit Naturals (Used BOGO and $1/2)$3.26
8Cream of Wheat $2.18

Grand Total: $119.79
**See all the little starred items? These are all the things that I just decided spur of the moment to put into my buggy!! Gah. Totaled up that is $8.46 extra.


This is actually 2 transactionss. I do transactions for my mom as well, since she doesn’t have the time to coupon and figure the deals.

(2) Softsoap(I normally wouldn’t buy these since I make my own foamy soap. But, it was a good deal!) $2.49 ea Used in ad q for .99, and a MQ for .50 from 1/4 FP: .50 ea
(2) Palmolive Dish Detergents $1.59 ea Used in Ad q and .50 MQ from 1/4 FP: FREE!
(4) Glade Scented Oil Candle Refill $2.50 ea Used $2/2 and $2.50/2 FP: $5.50/4 MIR: $4.40 on giftcard or .28/ea
(2) Electrasol $3.49 Used $2.50 MQ from 1/4. FP: .99 ea MIR: $1.65/ea on giftcard MM of .66!

OOP: 11.29
MIR TOTAL: $7.70 (including my mom’s)

GRAND TOTAL: $131.08. (Or $65.54/wk)

Just a little bit over my $125/2 week goal, but not over my budget of $250/mo. I’m kicking myself for putting those extra items in the buggy, but I can’t change it now. Plus, that Chai Tea, is some awesome stuff! I’ll make it up next time!

To see other’s shopping trips, go here.

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