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by GettingFreedom on October 24, 2008

How much can one person fit into a day?

We’ve been busy as I’ll get out today. It’s been fun, but a little more stressful than I like!
The big kids didn’t have school today due to Parent Teacher Confrences…so I thought we should do something fun. I should have just left it at that…but I hadn’t done my bargain shopping for the week, and I was in dire need of my fix! :)
So, I finalize my deal (I decided to limit it to Walgreens ONLY..instead of my typical 4 store grocery shopping)…then we headed off to the “big” town.
I go to Walgreen’s and clear up something the overcharged me for last week. (I forgot to post this deal last week..oops!). So…here is the pic of the goods…with the final OOP after they fixed overcharging me.

Walgreens trip 10/17

OOP: $2.19

RR Earned : $13

97% savings (not including RR)

Once that was all cleared up, I attempted to do my bargain hunting. Mind you I had all three kids in tow, dying to go to the Pumpkin Patch. Of course, since I waited until Friday to do my deals…they were out of Pert Plus and the Air Wick Neutra Air thingy majiggys. So, I was trying to rework the deal and concentrate on three kids. They were being fairly good…but I was deep in thought, or atleast trying to be! Anyway…not as low of an OOP as I wanted, but it is still a good score. (I’m seeing a trend with my high OOP…am I trying to too much at once..or what is the deal here?!)

Here’s my loot:

Walgreen’s 10/24

I forgot to add in my fancy smancy Halloween bowl, and (4) 12 pks Diet Pepsi.

(4) Harvest Bags Chocolate 2/$3

Bounty PT 2/$3

(4) Diet Pepsi 4/$12

L’Oreal Revitalift $16.49

L’Oreal Face Cream FREE w/above purchase

Holiday M &M’s $3.49

(3) Bailey’s Choc, Kahula, Grand Mariner Choc (for my mom’s birthday) .50 ea

(3) Twizzlers .99 ea

TheraFlu Warming $4.99

St. Ives Cleanser $4.99

(2) Reach Crystal TB .99 ea

(4) Wags Peroxide 2/$1

Nivea Mens BW $4.99

(2) Benefiber Strawberry Kiwi Stick Pks 7.99 ea

Coupons Used

$1 Bounty Home Mailer FP.50

$2 Theraflu from Sunday’s paper FP: $2.99

$2 St. Ives IP HERE FP: $2.99

BOGO Reach TB FP: .50 ea

(2) $2 Benefiber

$5 Benefiber ESQ FP: .99ea

$5/20 purchase

various RR (i think it was $21)

OOP: $47.17

MIR: $29.14 (Revitalift, Nivea BW, and Harvest Choc, with 10% bonus on gc)

$2.99 Theraflu Manu MIR

RR Earned:$8 (Theraflu and Benefiber) $5 (St. Ives) $3 Pepsi

Total: + .96

87% savings (does include MIR savings, but not RR earned)

After all my shopping…which was quite the feat, we made our way to the Pumpkin Patch. After we went there, we decided we needed to make a special “fall-ish” dinner this evening so we stopped off at Wal-Mart. Bought some goods, and came home to start dinner. Realized when we came home, WalMart didn’t give us some of our items (thankfully nothing we needed for dinner).

We enjoyed a good meal, kids are wired from all the sugar, and I sit here EXHAUSTED!!!!! But stoked because even though I had a high OOP today at Walgreens..I still came out on top! :)

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