Frugal Gardening 101:: Mishaps Abound

by GettingFreedom on May 10, 2011

Another week has came and gone and it’s time to show the progress of our gardens.  Thankfully we have been blessed with some great weather here in Southern Missouri!  My peas are growing fastly, as is my cabbage and broccoli plants.  However, everything isn’t sunshine and produce around Freedom Acres.

Our corn has done very little since it germinated.  And the cucumber seeds that I planted in the bed right beside the corn, never did anything.  I’m certain that that section of the garden is need of some fertilizer, so I’ll be tackling that this weekend.  We  like to opt for organic fertilizers, and I will cover more on that in next week’s Frugal Gardening post.

In addition to my cucumber seeds never coming up, I killed the rest of my seedlings! {Good thing this series is also about sharing our failures!  Lord knows this year I’ve been full of them!}  I went ahead and purchased 4 Heirloom Tomato Plants, with a total cost of $6.  While I’m bummed, I know that that is still cheaper than purchasing the tomatoes themselves.  Gardening with an infant has been a huge adjustment for me, that I’m obviously still trying to figure out! Also, with the craziness that is 3 kids in 2 sports eachI have yet to plant the rest of my garden! The frugal side of me is really having a hard time with this, yet, the other part of me is saying that God with Provide.  I’m hoping to finish up this weekend, which shouldn’t hurt our harvests too much.

Last but not least, I was going to show off my chicken house this week.  I do actually have pictures, but…it’s still not finished.  Hubby was adding the final finishing touch to the roof the other day, and fell off.  Thankfully he wasn’t hurt badly, but he is really sore. In the fall he did hurt his ankle and wrist–so we’ve delayed adding on the siding, and finishing the chicken run until he recovers {and we have a night without practices/games!}.

So right now, this is what the front of my chicken house looks like.  Hopefully I’ll have the finished product to share with you soon!

Be sure to check out Connie and Amy’s gardens.  Hopefully they’ll have a more positive update!

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