The Garden is Progressing!

by GettingFreedom on March 5, 2009

It is hard to believe that my garden is really starting to take shape. It thrills me to no end! I cannot wait, though, until my little seedlings that I have been babying are able to be planted outside.

So far this is what I’ve got planted. These are part of the heirloom seeds that I bought awhile back.

  1. Rev. Morrow Longkeeper Tomato Planted 48, and 37 have germinated!
  2. Golden Cal Wonder Peppers Planted 48, and 12 have germinated. Peppers take a lot longer to get started.
  3. Edible Chrysanthemum Out of 8, 6 have popped through. These literally only took 2 days!!
  4. Chinese 5 color Hot pepper We planted 4 in an indoor pot, but only 2 have germinated. These were the first things we planted. These are gorgeous/unique plants.
  5. Black Krim Tomato I have 8 of these coming up. Their germination was pretty fast as well. Although they are called a black tomato, they are purple in color, and won a blind taste test at the farm we got them from. Worth a try!
  6. Roma Tomato So far no babies yet. Just planted these on 3/2
  7. Amish Paste Tomato Also, no babies.
  8. Fish Pepper Nothing. These are a hot pepper that was used a lot in cooking fish, has very pretty foliage.
  9. Tomatillo To my surprise–I’ve got one popping through. It germinated in 2 days as well!
  10. Yellow Wonder Strawberry Nothing yet.
  11. Cilantro Nothing.
  12. Yellow Habenero Nothing.
  13. 3 varieties of lettuce (Black Seeded Simpson, Arugula, and Cimmaron) I planted these in the ground yesterday, so of course nothing here, either. I can’t wait until I can go cut us a fresh salad! Store bought just doesn’t compare.

I’ve been staying pretty busy watching taking care of my little seedlings. Our weather has went crazy again and we are going through another spring spell. I had my plants out in the greenhouse all day yesterday, and since the evening was warmish I left them out there. If the weatherman is accurate, I shouldn’t have to bring them back inside until Sunday or Monday evening. Thankfully!! It is a pain to tote all of them from the house to the greenhouse. Although, I do have a really good 3 year old helper!

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How is your garden coming along? Do you have any seedlings popping through?

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