Must Have Kitchen Gadgets for Pastries

by GettingFreedom on December 6, 2011


The Christmas season is upon us–which for a lot of us means lots of baking!  Many pies and other pastries will be made in this kitchen over the next few weeks–and I wouldn’t want do it without my favorite kitchen gadgets by my side.

 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets for Pastries

Pastry Blender

Pastry Blenders make it super easy to cut the butter into the flour.  Now what does that mean exactly? Oftentimes when making biscuits and pastries the recipes call for cold butter.  The reason being is so that when it cooks, the butter melts and leaves air pockets behind, creating the flaky texture we all desire. Pastry Blenders make short work out of “cutting up the butter”. I prefer the pastry blenders that have the longer handles {I got mine from Pampered Chef.  They are a bit pricey, but it’s cheaper than the 3 I got rid of!}.  I’ve tried the “traditional style” and I’ve been sorely disappointed each time.

Pastry Mat

I originally purchased my pastry mat when I was making cakes on a regular basis, and I needed a measurement to go by for rolling out my fondant.  I rarely use fondant these days, but my pastry mat still gets plenty of use! For whatever reason, I never can remember how big a 12″ circle is from this time to the next.  Because of this, I either end up guessing {and being way off} or hunting down a ruler {I used to have one in my kitchen drawer until my boys found it!}.  To me, it justs easier to roll my dough out on a pastry mat with the measurements already there.  Then I don’t have to worry about dough stuck to my counter.  Although, I do have a handy tip for getting that off . :)

Quality Rolling Pin

Before I cooked on a regular basis, I always believed that any rolling pin would work.  Now that I use my rolling pin semi-regularly, I realize just how big of a difference a quality rolling pin makes.  I’ve found that Marble Rolling Pins stick less, and they roll the dough out easily.



Pastry Wheel

The pastry wheel  is one of those kitchen gadgets you never knew you needed until you got it.  It’s perfect for cutting off excess dough once you’ve rolled it out, and for making lattice pie crusts.  Not to mention that the scalloped side of the blade is perfect for making ravioli, or lasagna noodles!

Pastry Brush

Pastry brushes are used to add that finishing touch onto your pastry.  They can be used to brush on melted butter, an egg white glaze, or even milk to give it that glossy finish.  After brushing on the glaze of your choice, you can also sprinkle come cinnamon or sugar for that added sparkle.  I also use my pastry brush to coat the inside of my bread bowls so they won’t leak.  I choose to use a silicone pastry brush versus one with natural bristles to reduce flavor contamination {if I were to use my brush for basting and then to brush  my pastry}.  Plus, y’all know how much I love using silicone in the kitchen!

 What are your favorite tools for pastry?

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