Frugal Gardening 101

by GettingFreedom on July 12, 2011

This past week disappeared with a flash!  I’ve been abundantly blessed by my wonderful mother in law again!  She blessed us with an entire “picking” of green beans, which ended up being 14 quarts worth!  When I haven’t been canning green beans, I’ve been catching up on the things I’ve neglected around here.  I’m finally settling into a “new normal”, I suppose, and I feel as if I’m beginning to focus and see things clearer.  {Let’s hope that it lasts a little while this time. :) }

I really haven’t tended to my garden like I should be, though.  The weeds in our walkways are beginning to get out of control. The summer heat has definitely set in, and man alive is it hot out there.  I have a hard time staying out there and doing everything that needs to be done.  But, my tomatoes are just now coming on, and I should be able to pick some peppers later on this week.  Yay! {Sorry for the lack of pictures…I always forget.}

I MUST show you what I found on Pinterest the other day.  {If you’ve not joined, let me know I can send you an invite.  It’s SO fun!} A garden created from a recycled pallet!  How awesome is that?!


Talk about a great Salvaged Sunday Post. ;)  How cool would that be on your patio with lettuces, radishes, and who knows what else?

How is your garden coming? Dont’ forget to check out my gardening friends Connie and Amy!

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