Frugal Dining Room Makeover

by GettingFreedom on May 12, 2011

Considering Project Major Home Addition, along with a few other major life happenings, kept me from posting here for the better part of last year–I thought it was only necessary that I showed you a current update. And from the emails and comments, you all have been wanting to see them, as well. ;)

To avoid a complete photo overload, I will just do a room at a time.  First up is our Dining Room, which is also the first room you walk into from our front entrance.  Initially, my husband was leary about pretty much every aspect of this room!  Thankfully, he let me do it all anyway!  I’m happy to report, that he is pleasantly pleased with the way it has turned out.

Here is a look at what it looked like before {well, I guess during!} Project Major Home Addition, in it’s former life as a Living Room::

{Uh, ignore the mess!  Blake hadn’t been home very long, and we were in the middle of some major construction.}

By the time this photo was taken, all of the very dark paneling had been removed, as well as the orange shag carpet {that now resides in my garden as a weed barrier} and my front door/windows were changed out.  Our former front door was nothing more than a solid wood door, not one window!  Talk about a very dark room!

This photo was taken standing at my front door::

And the wall is GONE!

And here is our New Dining Room! { Both Photos were taken at the same location as the above photos}

There are still a few final touches that need to be done to this room, but for the most part we are finished with it.  I’m still trying to find the perfect table to go in this space, yet one that is large enough to accommodate my family as well as additional guests {basically a 10 seater, which is hard to come by in the second hand market}.  Another big change will be the light fixture.  The ceiling fan is left over from our living room, and will soon be changed out once I finish re-doing the light that was meant for this space.

Every piece of furniture that you see in this room was repurposed from another room {or storage shed} in our home. It includes 2 antique dressers {one that I re-done with spray paint}, and a hutch that was given to us roughly 9 years ago, and has sat in storage for the last 7!  The hutch isn’t quite finished yet {I still need to make some curtains for it}, but I am very pleased with how it’s turning out.  My husband has begged me numerous times over the last 7 years to throw it out.  Now, he says that he very thankful that I never listened to him! :)

Total Cost for Makeover:: $44.50 {of course this does not include building material}

Spray Paint: $10
Gallon of Paint for Hutch: $13 {more than half left over, thinking of painting the frame to the mirror over the bench. What do ya think?}
Accent Pieces: $7.50
Cafe Rod to hold curtain in hutch: $3

Vinyl Lettering: $11

Thinking outside of the box has really helped us to keep this dining room makeover a frugal project.  How do you think outside of the box for your decorating projects?

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