FREE Freezer Inventory Printable

by GettingFreedom on January 2, 2012

Deep Freezers are a great assest to any family.  They help you to stock up on  manager sales, buy in bulk, and purchase large amounts of meat from your favorite butcher.  But, if you lose track of what is in them–they could cause you to lose money by having to toss expired foods.  Keeping a detailed Freezer Inventory helps prevent food waste. There’s no telling how much money that saves in the long run!

That’s why I’m offering a FREE Freezer Inventory Printable for you to use!  You can choose from the more compact version {great for those that have a small amount of freezer space} or the more detailed version with more blanks {for those with multiple freezers}.

{TIP}  Laminate your Freezer Inventory Sheet and fill in the blanks using  Dry Erase Marker.  This way you can just wipe off and fill back in!

One Page Freezer Inventory Printable

Two Page Freezer Inventory Printable


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