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by Kristina @ GettingFreedom on March 11, 2013

It’s tax time again and the deadline to file is coming up fast. This is one of my favorite {no lie} times of the year because it’s a chance to take my refund and apply it to my financial goals ~ whether that is paying off credit cards/loans or putting it in an emergency fund for when life happens. Don’t wait until the last minute to file, especially when you can file your federal return for FREE {State return filing is an additional fee}.

With H&R Block at Home you can complete your federal tax return using their online product for FREE.

Between raising kids, attending school functions, girl scout cookie sales, making dinner and cleaning the house ~ who has time to make an appointment and go and spend thirty minutes {or more} having your taxes prepared by a professional? H&R Block online preparation gives you more time for the things in life that keep you busy. Like eating those girl scout cookies.



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