Food Storage

by GettingFreedom on January 6, 2009

So, I mentioned in my goal post that I wanted to have a 3 month food supply stocked up. And how do I plan on doing that?

Well, I have been thinking about this for quite sometime. I’m sure that the economy may have expedited my goal, but a site that I found through twitter has also helped me to jump start my goal. And what site would that be?!

The original site was actually Everyday Food Storage, but they have teamed up with 2 other bloggers and formed Fun with Food Storage. It is fantastic. They walk you through the steps of planning your food storage (powdered milk, grains, beans, emergency kit, etc.), buying your food storage and even cooking/eating everyday foods with your food storage. There are some great recipes and they are frugal as well.

They have a great baby step program on their site to help you slowy build up your food storage.

And, while your over there, check out their awesome giveaways!

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