Finer Things: Children’s Joy

by GettingFreedom on March 20, 2009

I absolutely love it when my children draw me pictures or make me a craft of some sort. They are always so proud of what they do and more than eager to show it off.
My two boys could draw, color, or craft all day long, every day of their life if they were allowed to. My daughter on the other hand, would rather paint her nails or cook with me in the kitchen.
While looking through some pictures that we recoverd from an old computer I came across one of my oldest’s drawings that we emailed out to family. Nicholas has a incredible love for all things history or geographically related, and has incredible attention to detail. This particular picture was drawn around December of 2007–and remains of my favorites that he has drawn.

He freehanded it, with marker while looking at a puzzle–notice the capitols.

Their attention to detail, their willingness to learn, and their utter joy when they see the approval on your face is a Finer Thing in my book!

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