Finding Freedom: Homework Assignment

by GettingFreedom on January 16, 2009

Didn’t know there was going to be homework, did you?!

It’s nothing major..but it is a key detail to getting started.

I want you to get a notebook (I use a spiral, one subject notebook) and on the first page write down every single one of your bills/expenses. All of them. Including the ones that come just a few times a year. Do the best you can to gauge your expenses such as gas and groceries.

They do not have to be in any order, just as long as they are written down.

I wrote mine down with the lender/company down the left side, and over on the right I wrote down the payment. At the very bottom of your list, total it up.

Don’t have a heart attack (I almost did with mine!). We’re here to make that number smaller!

For now..that is all. See, told you it wasn’t major. This will help us to establish the cash flow plan (a.k.a. budget).
On Monday, we will come back and see what it was like to have it all laid out.
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