Finding Freedom Friday

by GettingFreedom on February 27, 2009

When we first started our journey, we were spending an outlandish amount of money on groceries a month. Literally, the size of a house payment.

I’m a analyzer, but somehow never analyzed my grocery budget like I was getting ready to. Amazingly enough, I realized that $650/month for 5 people was way too much. We can easily, and comfortably get by on less than half that.

And, we do not even notice a difference.

If anything else, we have much more than before. And, if I don’t have it, I’ll almost guarantee you that I can whip it up. Mine will taste better, too.

I really feel that the grocery part of your budget is the easiest place for you to make adjustments. You have full control here, it’s just a matter of how far you are willing to step in. I do recommend, though, that you go slowly or you might begin to feel overwhelmed and want to give up. If you take things slowly, it is more of a transition, instead of jump.

Here are some of the posts that I have done previously about cutting your grocery spending:

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I want to know how you have cut back on your grocery budget. Share your tips and tricks!

And….one lucky person who links up (before 12am Saturday) will win this:

One pair of women’s garden gloves as well as a carrot seeds, Roma tomato seeds, and burpless cucumber seeds. Maybe this will give you the incentive to get started on your very own garden! The winner will be chosen at random from all the entries on Mr. Linky.

I really don’t want to delete anyone’s link, so please follow the Rules to Linking up:

  • Link to your post, not your homepage.
  • Please be sure to include a link back here so that all your readers can get in on the other tips as well.
  • Stay true to the theme of the week so that readers get quality content.
  • Tell everyone you know so we can make it a success and can all profit from it.
  • Have fun! ;)

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