Finding Freedom Friday: Time Management

by GettingFreedom on April 24, 2009

Time Management. What an important topic. One that I still do not have perfected, but I’m well on my way. Or so I like to think.

I have receieved a lot of emails over the last few months on how I manage to take care of my young family, make most of my families food from scratch, coupon, garden and still have time to function. I must admit, that once upon a time, things did not flow all too smoothly around here.

First off, I think it is very important to first become organized, then you really need to have your priorities in line. What do you really want to accomplish today? This week? This month? Year? Dare we think any further? Sure!

Once you realize what it is that needs to be done and have a basic understanding on how long it will take for you to accomplish it–you are well on your way.

Obviously it wouldn’t be logical for me to think that I would be able to till/weed/plant my entire garden in a day, as well as all the laundry, cleaning and baking for the week. Breaking these tasks up into manageable blocks of time helps greatly in accomplishing things, as well as being efficent and not feeling overwhelmed. It is very important as a wife/homemaker/mom/person to not feel overwhelmed! I know for me if I am overwhelmed, more than likely I will shut down. Either that or I will go all crazy housewife and accomplish everything under the sun in no time flat–but, I’m not a nice person/wife/mom. And honestly, what is the point in that?!


So, my advice–plan your day. Here is a snapshot of what my typical day has looked like in the last few weeks.

6:00am-6:45-Wake. Get kids on the bus to school.
6:45-7:30 Computer time. Answering emails. Blogging. Popping in on twitter.
7:30-8:30 Shower. Laundry. Kitchen Pick-up. If I’m making bread for dinner or for the week, this is when I will start it.
8:30-9:30 Noah wakes. Noah Snuggle time. Sometimes extra computer/bill time.
9:30-12:00 Tasks for the day. Lately it has been gardening, and spring cleaning all while being interupted by an energetic, very playful 3 year old that really makes my life fun!
12:00-1:00 Lunch. Big kitchen clean up.
1:30-3:30 Relax/Quiet Time–unless I feel spunky! :) If I have added umph (which I have had the last few weeks. yay!) I catch up on anything that I have been slacking on, bake or whatever else.
3:30-4:30 DH and Big kids are coming home.
4:30-7:00 Prepare/Eat/Clean Dinner.
7:00-8:30 Homework. Getting Big Kids ready for bed. Last minute watering of seedlings/plants.
8:30 on. Time with DH, computer time, reading–basically anything goes.

Paying attention to the clock on my “must get stuff done” days, has really helped me to manage my time better and actually get things done. I have found this escpecially helpful in the area of computer time! I love my blog(s), twitter, facebook, and reading other blogs, but I have to limit myself or it could easily consume me. So, please forgive me if I seem to be MIA–I’m really trying to balance everything in my life. My once new born children have quickly grown up on me, and before I know it they won’t need me anymore. I must cherish it now!

Also, not only is time management important for accomplishing your day to day tasks–it is essential on snagging those deals! If you don’t allow time to shop the weekly sales with your coupon match-ups and keep a close eye on expiration dates, you could easily miss out which will cost you more in the long run. I’ve been guilty of this very thing far too many times to count!

Now it is your turn! How do you manage your day and fit all your duties in?

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