Finding Freedom Friday: Organization

by GettingFreedom on April 17, 2009

I get a lot of emails and questions asking about different organizational ideas (which I love, by the way). I rate organization pretty high on the list of easy ways to “find freedom”. Afterall, if you can’t find something you either have to replace it (more money), or spend countless minutes trying to find it (time wasted). Being organized definitely helps!
With that being said, I win some days, and I lose some days. Seriously.
I’m no expert or pro in organization, and I find that I am constantly changing my method. This makes me even more giddy to hear what your organizational tips are!
Currently, this is what really helps me out:
  • Baskets or small containers. Having similar items all in one place, really helps me out. Anymore you can find super cute containers at Dollar Tree or any Dollar/Discount store. I’m loving my kitchen cabinets, and have used the same idea in my refrigerator with great success.
    • Also, small plastic containers work wonders in your kitchen drawers..or any drawer for that matter. Jessica just posted a picture of hers, which looks exactly like mine! I love it! Everything is right there, no need for digging.
  • Lists, Lists and More Lists. I find that lists really help me stay organized and focused. Especially in the way of finances and goals. I just use a normal plain jane spiral notebook that I picked up when they were on sale for .05¢. I literally bought an entire box!
    • I’m still working on it, but I also find that lists work for organizing my house cleaning. I hope to have this near perfection so I can “unveil” it in the next month or so.
  • Binders. I have many binders.
    • I have one for my recipes.
    • Home Mangement (which still isn’t finsished), my house cleaning guide will also go in here. I love Problem Solving Mom’s idea for creating your own daily dockets!
    • I also have one that contains different ideas for all the holidays.
    • Also, since we plan to build on to our home next year I have one that contains different house plans and decorating ideas.
    • And, I even have one for my coupons. Although I’ve not touched them since December!

    I’m sure that this sounds like I have binders everywhere you turn around, but really it isn’t too overwhelming. Sure beats having all those papers cluttered around, or all in a million different places on my computer.

What are your tips for organization? How has it helped you to Find Freedom?

I’m really looking forward to your responses! With my husband being home all last week–I’m not feeling all too organized this week. And, I’m always looking for ways to improve my “system”. Don’t forget the rules to linking. (You can find them on this post.)

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