Finding Freedom Friday: Are You Up For A Challenge?

by GettingFreedom on June 12, 2009

For this edition of Finding Freedom Friday, I would like to put forth a Week Long Frugal Challenge. With Summer in full swing, we are running to and fro and spending lots of time in the outdoors. While I do love every minute of it, sometimes it is incredibly tempting to look toward the not so frugal side of things. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to fall into that mess!

While I would love to do a Month Long Challenge, I think it would be best to start out small and see if we can conquer this first. And I know we can! ;)

Here’s the Challenge:

  • When traveling away from home, pack your own snacks, meals and drinks. Be sure to check out this post for lots of different ideas.

  • Try not to eat out at all this week. From Saturday to next Friday.
  • Plan outings that are no cost adventures, such as parks and museums. Check out the Frugal Family Fun post for some ideas.

  • Make extra meals for your freezer for days when you have no gusto to cook dinner. This post has some pointers and OAMC/Freezer Recipes.

  • Make something from scratch that you normally wouldn’t, such as bread, household cleaners, snacks, etc. The Finding Freedom Friday: Making Your Own vs. Store Bought post has a lot of different ideas to try out. You can also browse through my recipe section for numerous “from scratch” recipes.

  • If you haven’t made a budget (or goals for 2009) yet..DO IT! If you are all sqaured away here, check and see if there is something in your budget that you can lower, or cut out completely.

  • Try out a new-to-you frugal idea such as washing/re-using ziploc bags, using less laundry/dishwashing detergent, re-use juice from canned fruits and vegetables, save butter tubs, amongst many others. Be creative!

That’s it! Easy peasy, right? The Challenge will start Saturday (gives you a day to get all the non-frugal things out of your system. :) and end next Friday with a Finding Freedom Friday: Challenge Recap.

I will be running around, back to the hometown again this weekend, so I’m hoping to be able to stick to the “no eating out” part. This may prove to be a toughie!

So, are you up to it?!

**I’ve just realized that Mr. Linky has disappeared from all of my old posts, and on my end it only stores the latest 5! AGH! So, if you linked to the Finding Freedom Friday posts mentioned in this post, and you want your link included–please email them to me and I can manually add them all in. Sorry!**

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